Looking Forward…

We are excited and looking forward to the new venue we’ll have for this Arts/Crafts festival here in Hardy. We are already receiving vendor applications and the quality is awesome. With the ability to reach more people through social media and having YOU help us make this a success we are thankful. Thankful for our artists and crafters for inspiring all of us, you, the supporting public in helping us make shopping local a memorable and exciting activity for all.

People often times have told me how they get such a “feel good” experience when they shop their local festivals. They are lifted to new levels of knowing a neighbor when they find them in a booth full of treasures they didn’t know they worked on after a full day elsewhere. They find a deeper appreciation and find a deeper meaning when the same neighbor teaches them “how to”!

We hope that you too will find treasures not just in the bags you carry away but in the experience of knowing what it takes to produce the items offered and the people who created them.